Why is it stuck in 'Waiting for transaction signature'?

This could be due to many reasons:

  • Insufficient balance: Make sure you have enough CSPR to pay for gas fees (around 3CSPR to 5CSPR)

  • Casper Signer: If you are using Casper Signer, make sure the extension is active and is working. Try refreshing the page and/or restarting the browser and trying again.

What does User error: 65533 mean?

The smart contract has not been approved to spend your tokens. Make sure you approve the smart contract first.

What does User error: 65527 mean?

This error means that the requested prices for the trade cannot be met. This usually happens when the price of the tokens changes right before you submit your trade. Try increasing your slippage or try refreshing the page and submitting the trade again.

What is Expert Mode?

Expert mode allows you to perform trades with high price impact.

Before Expert Model:

After enabling Expert Mode:

I supplied liquidity but my token numbers keep changing

This is normal. When you supply liquidity to a pool, you get LP tokens. These LP tokens represent your share in the pool of tokens in the pool. Your pool share is calculating by dividing your LP tokens balance by the LP tokens total supply.


  • Pool has 100 CSPR and 100 USDC

  • Pool LP tokens total supply is 100 CSPR-USDC LP

  • Bob adds 50 CSPR and 50 USDC to the pool

  • Bob gets 50 LP tokens

  • Pool LP tokens total supply is now 150 CSPR-USDC LP

  • Bob currently owns 33% of the pool.

  • Alice swaps 15 CSPR to 13.6 USDC

  • Pool now has 160 CSPR and 136.4 USDC

  • Bob still has 33% of the pool, which is equal to 52.8 CSPR + 45.012 USDC

I supplied liquidity but both my tokens have decreased in numbers

This happens if you supply liquidity at price x and other users supply liquidity at price y where price y is lower than price x.


  • Pool has 900 CSPR and 900 USDC. 1 CSPR = 1 USDC

  • 1 LP token equals 1 CSPR + 1 USDC

  • Alice supplies 100 CSPR and 100 USDC to a pool for a 10% share.

  • After multiple trades, 1 CSPR = 0.12 USDC and pool has 3000 CSPR and 300 USDC.

  • Bob supplies 2000 CSPR and 1000 USDC for a 40% share of the pool

  • Alice now has 5.5% of the pool or 99 CSPR and 49.5 USDC.

  • Alice lost 1 CSPR and 50.5 USDC.

Providing liquidity has its risks. Make sure you understand all associated risks with providing liquidity. Visit the Impermanent Loss section for more details.

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