1. Within the main menu of Ghobot press 🟒 BUY to begin a swap.

  2. You will be asked to reply with the contract address of the token. In this example we have entered Shiboo using contract address: 4d7c5ece0a0dfeea697e6e79cbc9d75d589f2046dff701f944295f630825bd3d

  3. Token information will be displayed with the options available to perform the swap. The wallet with the highest amount of funds will be pre-selected, you can select or change wallet if you have multiple generated by pressing πŸ’³ symbol. Pre-selected amounts to swap are offered or to enter a specific amount press οΈπŸ–‹οΈ x CSPR and reply with the amount required, in this example we replied with 100.

  1. Once happy with you options and settings selected press Submit Swap to perform the transaction. Successfully submitted swaps will display a message with your transaction hash.

  1. Once the Casper Network has successfully finalised your transaction you will receive a message of confirmation after a short amount of time.


  1. Press πŸ”΄ SELL, you will be asked to enter the contract address of the token to sell. Using Shiboo again for the example we will enter contract: 4d7c5ece0a0dfeea697e6e79cbc9d75d589f2046dff701f944295f630825bd3d

  2. This will display the token information, balance of tokens and sell swap options. The process to sell is the same as when buying, select or enter the required amount to sell and check swap settings. Press Submit Swap to perform the transaction. Confirmation messages will appear for successful swaps.

Swap Settings

🌊 Slippage

Due to how AMM's work many trades may be occurring constantly changing the price of a token. If your swap fails please check the deploy hash for error codes, error 65527 will indicate you need to increase the slippage. To do so press the 🌊 Max Slippage button and adjust accordingly, we would suggest increasing by increments 10% if having trouble.

⏳ Deadline

The default time set to 20 minutes is the given amount for the TX to process before failing. We suggest you do not modify this setting unless advised due to heavy network congestion.

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