Selling your NFT

Now it's time to list your first NFT on the Casper Network!

Listing Creation

  1. Navigate to the NFT you want to sell and click on List For Sale

  • In the popup that appears, select the type of sale you'd like to perform

Select the 'Fixed Price' option and type in your asking price. You can choose whether to list the NFT immediately or at a later date.

  • Price: The price you wish to sell the NFT for.

  • List Immediately: Choose whether to list this NFT now or at a later date.

  • Expiration date: Set a deadline for your sale. Users will not be able to purchase the NFT after this date. To get the NFT back to your wallet, you will need to manually unlist the NFT if it is not sold before the deadline.

  • A 3% platform fee will be applied on every sale. When REI token launches, the fees will be distributed equally between the holders of superREI and the Friendly Market treasury.

  • Once listing is successful, temporary ownership will be given to the marketplace address.

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