Transferring CSPR To & From Ghobot

Simply Transfer CSPR tokens to and from Ghobot in a few easy steps!

Funding Your Wallet

To fund your wallet, the process is the same as any other transfer from your main choice of wallet or exchange, in this instance we will use the Casper Wallet to demonstrate.

  1. Within your Casper Wallet select Send, enter the amount of Casper and enter the address of the new wallet generated within Ghobot.

  2. Press Next and follow the instructions within Casper Wallet to perform the transfer, a Transfer ID (memo) is not required.

  1. Your transaction will process on the network and after a few minutes your balance will appear within Ghobot. Please note transfers from exchanges may take slightly longer depending on their withdrawal processes.

Transferring Casper Out of Ghobot

From the main menu simply press 👻 Transfer Casper this will bring up the following options.

  1. Press Select Wallet

  2. Select the wallet you wish to transfer from. In this example Wallet 1.

  1. Enter the address to receive Casper by pressing 📨 Recipient, this could be the address of any wallet or exchange of choice that supports Casper ($CSPR). Reply to the bot with the address and this will populate the 📨 Recipient box.

  1. Enter the amount of Casper to transfer, you can use the pre selected amounts or enter a specific amount by pressing 🖋️ x CSPR.

Please Note: Leave enough Casper free for network fees, e.g. if your balance is 100 CSPR you should only enter 95-96 Casper to send.

  1. Lastly, press Submit Transfer to process the transaction and you will be given a deploy for the transfer. Wallet to wallet transfers should take a couple of minutes for the network to process, exchange addresses may take longer depending on the exchanges deposit process.

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