How To Bid

Once you have found an NFT that is set to an auction-style listing you will firstly need to place a bid.

Press place bid to display the bid amount field, you will only be able to bid with the token the seller has decided to accept as payment, this will be either REI (when it launches) or WCSPR.

Any bids made within the final 10 minutes of the auction ending will extend the time of the auction by a further 10 minutes.

3. A message to confirm your bid was processed will appear. Bids can be viewed within your NFT Profile. The following message and options will be displayed:

  • Auction Won - You have successfully won the NFT.

  • Outbid - Claim back the WCSPR you designated to the bid.

If you win the auction, either you or the seller need to trigger the exchange.

  • From the buyer's side this can be done by clicking on the Claim NFT button in the Bids Made tab.

  • From the seller's side, this can be done by clicking on the Claim WCSPR (or REI, depending on the payment token) button in the Bids Received tab.

The NFT can now be viewed under the Owned tab under NFT Profile.

Now let's move on to the next page to learn how to buy an NFT through a Fixed Price type listing.

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