Transferring Other Tokens

  1. Select 💸 Transfer Tokens from the Ghobot menu and enter the contact address of the token to send, in this case we're using Shiboo for our example, enter: 4d7c5ece0a0dfeea697e6e79cbc9d75d589f2046dff701f944295f630825bd3d

  1. Token information, balance and the transfer options will display. - Press 💳 Select Wallet to choose the wallet holding the token you're sending. - Enter the recipient address by pressing 📨 Recipient. - Select the amount to send by pressing one of the pre-selected amounts or enter a specific amount by pressing 🖋️ x SHIBOO and reply to Ghobot with the amount required. - Submit Transfer once you have finalised your options.

  1. Once your transfer has been submitted you will initially receive a message to confirm it has been successful with a deploy you can view on

  1. A short while after the Casper Network has processed your transfer you will receive another message indicating success.

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