REI Token
Learn more about the Friendly Market token.
The Friendly Market token (ticker symbol REI) is a utility token which powers the Friendly Market ecosystem. Users will need to hold REI to get the best out of the protocol.

REI Use Cases

Casper Name Service (CNS)

Casper Name Service (CNS) is a decentralized naming protocol for the Casper Network allowing users to identify themselves using easily-readable usernames instead of public keys. CNS domains will be sold in CSPR and REI.
Discounts will be exclusively offered to users who buy using REI.


The Friendly Market launchpad allows projects seeking investment on the Casper Network to reach investors.
REI holders will get early access to the token sales on the launchpad.

NFT Marketplace

The Friendly Market NFT Marketplace makes it possible for users to explore, mint, buy and sell NFTs on the Casper Network.
When an NFT is sold, a platform service fee will incur. NFTs sold in REI will have lower fees than NFTs sold in other tokens.

Liquidity Mining

To encourage users to provide liquidity to the Friendly Market DEX, REI rewards will be distributed to liquidity providers that stake their LP tokens.


There may be aspects, in the future, for Friendly Market to become a DAO which will allow REI token holders to participate in governing Friendly Market. Token holders will be able to create and vote for governance proposals, and make changes to Friendly Market at the protocol level.
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