Friendly Market

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NFTs and an NFT marketplace are essential to every blockchain. In a world of fiat printing and currency devaluation, the importance of having units of exchange that are incorruptible is not to be underestimated.
The Friendly NFT marketplace is permission-less, meaning anyone will be able to create and sell their NFTs on the platform.
A 3% platform fee will be applied on every sale. When the REI token launches, the fees will be distributed equally between the holders of superREI and the Friendly Market treasury.
To be visible on the marketplace, NFTs need to have atoken_urifield pointing to an IPFS hash in the metadata sent to the smart contract.
Example of a validtoken_urifield:
Users minting on Friendly Market do not need to worry about this.
Only NFT collections created on Friendly Market or deployed using the CEP78 standard with events will be tracked on the marketplace.


Getting Started:

How to buy NFTs:

How to sell NFTs:

Collection Management:

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