Friendly Market

Friendly Lottery

Playing the Friendly Lottery gives you a chance to win huge prizes! It's easy and fair, and there are no limits on how often you participate as long as you have enough WCSPR to buy a ticket.

Quick Overview

  • Each lottery ticket costs 5 WCSPR during the public testnet period, this may change in the future.
  • There is no limit on the number of times you may purchase tickets for every round. However, only 90 tickets can be purchased per transaction.
  • Each ticket will have a 6-digit combination with each digit being between 0-9, refer to the example below.
6-Digit combination
  • Match numbers from the left to win prizes, the more numbers that match, the bigger the prize pool you will share with other winners.

Ticket Costs

Lottery ticket prices are determined when the round begins. Each ticket will cost 5 WCSPR during the public testnet period.
You are eligible for a discount when you buy multiple tickets. The exact discount percentage varies depending on the amount of tickets you are buying. The discount rates are subject to change.
Bulk discount comparison
Buy up to 90 tickets at a time to receive a maximum discount.

Winning Criteria

The digits on your ticket must match in the correct order to win.Here’s an example lottery draw, with two tickets, A and B.
Drawn ticket vs Ticket A and Ticket B
  • Ticket A: All digits match except the 4th one in this ticket. This means that the only correct digits are the first 3. This ticket will only be eligible for the “Match first 3” prize.
  • Ticket B: This ticket has the last 5 digits matching the drawn ticket. But because the first digit doesn't match, this ticket does not win anything.
If the digits on your tickets match the winning numbers in the correct order, you win a portion of the prize pool.


The leaderboard shows the top 10 all time players in the lottery determined by the number of WCSPR they have won.

Prize Sharing

‌After a round is drawn, and tickets with matching numbers are determined, the prizes are awarded. The amount won by each ticket will depend on how many other tickets are won in the same prize bracket.‌
Supposing your ticket is the only one that matches only the first two numbers, and the prize pool for the "Match first 2" bracket is 1000 WCSPR, you'll receive the full 1000 WCPSR.‌ Now if 4 other tickets also match the first two numbers then you will get 200 WCSPR.

Prize Funds

The prizes for each lottery round come from two sources:

Ticket Purchases

100% of the WCSPR paid by people buying tickets that round goes back into the prize pools.

Rollover Prizes

After every round, if nobody wins in one of the prize brackets, the unclaimed WCSPR for that bracket rolls over into the next round and are redistributed among the prize pools.
Prize Pool Allocation for every round
Amount allocated into the treasury is necessary to cover the cost of building the protocol.