Friendly Market

Creating A Listing

Now it's time to list your first NFT on the Casper Network! Hit create to begin.

Listing Creation

  1. 1.
    Upload your NFT file and fill out the information fields accurately and accordingly.
Upload File - Our NFT marketplace can accept PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP3 or MP4 up to 20MB.
Name - Enter the name of the NFT, in the above example CasperPunk - #100 has been used.
External Link - You can enter the official associated website of the NFT collection or a link to a rarity checker.
Description - Give a short summary about the NFT with any key points you feel would help assist the sale and inform the buyer of what they are purchasing.
Properties - List any unique features associated with your NFT to help buyers learn about the rarity.


REI or WCSPR can be selected for the accepting payment, click on the drop-down menu to pick your preference.
Listing Start & End
The default setting will set your listing to begin immediately, if you wish to start the listing at a later date you must toggle the List Immediately button and set a begin date.
Types of Listings
You have two choices, you may set a fixed price or a timed auction.

Fixed Price

  • Buyers can pay the listed price instantly.
  • An offer can be made by buyers which will be displayed in your NFT Profile to accept or decline.
  • Listed and sold NFT can be viewed in your NFT Profile.

Timed Auction

  • Seller will set a minimum bid price, buyers will be able to bid against each other until the listing ends with the highest bidder winning the auction.
  • Bids received in the last 10 minutes of the auction will extend the auction by another 10 minutes.
  • Offers can be made to sellers to sell their NFT early. Offers received and sent can be viewed in the NFT Profile area.
Bids received on your auction listings can be viewed in the Bids Received in your NFT Profile.


Both listing types allow interested buyers to make offers on your listed NFT. Offers can be viewed in your NFT profile for you to decline or accept.

Authorise Listing Transactions

CasperLabs Signer or a Torus wallet must be connected when creating a listing to authorise 3 transactions:
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    Upload & Mint
  2. 2.
  3. 3.

Torus Wallet

Once you hit submission you will be asked to authorise 3 transactions, Mint, Approval and List. This will take up-to 30 seconds per authorisation
Once all 3 confirmations have been signed a completion message will appear.
Congratulations you are now selling an NFT on the Casper Network! You can view your nfts, bids, listings, offers and sales within your NFT Profile!
  • A 3% platform fee will be applied on every sale. The fees will be distributed equally between the holders of superREI and the Friendly Market treasury.
  • Once listing is successful, temporary ownership will be given to marketplace address and will be shown as:
  • Prices shown are for testing purposes only and do not reflect the actual value of any NFT listed on mainnet in the future.