Friendly Market

Making An Offer

So, you have found an NFT you like but feel you can get a better deal? then you can make an offer on an auction or fixed style listing by following the steps below.
Offer status can be viewed under the Offers Made section within your NFT Profile.

How to Make An Offer

  1. 1.
    Press Make Offer to begin. You will be able to make an offer in REI OR WCSPR and set a date as to when your offer expires.
2. Confirm the transaction for approve and offer.
3. A confirmation message will appear to confirm a successful offer was made, pending for the seller to accept or decline.
4. View offers you have made in your NFT Profile. You may also withdraw an offer if you no longer wish to purchase the NFT.
5. If the seller accepts an offer, you will see the NFT under your Owned tab.